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Vingreco prides itself by importing the finest quality of wines from eminent wineries across Greece. 

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Greek Zoe

Find award winning gourmet Greek food products.  Shipping is available anywhere in the United States.

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Petropoulos Imports main objective is to make it possible for our customers to experience the finest, most exquisite flavors of the Mediterranean through its companies Vingreco Wines and Greek Zoe.  

At Vingreco Wines we carry a variety of Organic, Table and Sacramental Wines.  We selectively import the finest quality of wines from esteemed family own wineries across Greece.  

If you are looking for award winning gourmet products, look no further!  GreekZoe.com main goal is to make it easy and accessible for our customers to  relish the prodigious flavors that Greece has to offer.

Petropoulos Imports

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