Vingreco prides itself by importing the finest quality wines from eminent wineries across Greece.


    • Mylopotamos Winery
    • Lykos Winery
    • Canava Roussos Winery
    • Ariousios Winery




 For more than a thousand years, since the time of Saint Athanasiou, the grapes of the Mylopotamos vineyards have produced multiply-blessed communion wine, as much blessed in its use in Holy Communion as in its ability to warm the soul.

In this miraculous and saintly place many varieties thrive, albeit due to the hard labor of human hands. With such happy results, each fatigue is soon forgotten.

Saint Athanasios was sensitive to the special character of Mylopotamos and, apart from seeing to the vineyard’s construction, ensured that the monastery also became a place of comfort and restoration for the monks who sometimes suffered from their labors.

To sum up, it is worth mentioning that Mylopotamos wines are a product of biological agriculture, certified by the branch of ministry of agriculture in Chalkidiki, as well as by the company certification of biological products D.H.O. 

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The story of the Lykos family winery goes way back to the time when father -now grandfather- Lykos used grapes from his own and other local vineyards to make traditional white, red and rose wines in a stone wine press to complement the exquisite delicacies served in the family’s tavern.  His son Apostolis, the heart and soul of the family and a true culinary artiste, made a dynamic entrance into the field of quality wine making, establishing a modern and efficient winery in the backyard of the family’s renowned tavern, realizing his father’s enduring vision of producing brand name bottled wines in family owned facilities. With Evia steadily developing into a vintner’s paradise and new wineries emerging and flourishing throughout the island, the Lykos winery remains faithful to the tradition of uniquely matching fine wines with Greek culinary delights.


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Canava Roussos, the oldest on Santorini, was founded in 1836 to produce high quality wines uniquely expressing the characters of the numerous varieties of Thiran grapes.

Decades of experience have passed from generation to generation so that, with consistency, continuity and absolute respect, expression is given to the island’s art of wine-making.

Today, Canava Roussos, faithfully adhering to the island’s traditions, values modern technology and aims at creating wines with individual tastes and bouquets, selecting fruit of the highest quality from the island’s select varieties: Asyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani, Mandilaria and Mavrathiro.

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“The vision of the founders of the ARIOUSIOS Company Inc. winery began eight years ago with the cultivation of the vineyards. Wine making facilities were launched in August of 2009.

The owners and all those who passionately support the effort to revive the cultivation of the vine in Amani area aspire to restore the reputation of the famous Chian wine reliving the legend of Ariousia Earth.”

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