Ariousios «Afstiros», red dry wine, 750ml


The varieties of Chiotiko Krassero and Ayanittis offer a charming red color, flavors of red fruits and vanilla for a rich and balanced taste.



«Glikazon», semisweet red wine, 750ml


Keeping the tradition of the famous wine of Chios, the Ariousios GLYKAZON is produced from sun-dried grapes of the variety Chian krasero, grown on the slopes of Amani Mountain, with abundant sunshine and the breeze of the Aegean Sea, the combination of which gives excellent results. Red color with brick reflections, aromas of dried fig and plum, raisin and vanilla, rich mouth with beautiful balance between sweet and acidity and a long aftertaste.


«Ariousia Chora», white dry wine, 750ml


Yellow color indicates freshness and excellent wine production, with intense aromas of white fruit, green apple and lime, thanks to varieties Athiri and Assirtiko.


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